Within Grasp

Short Film, Germany 1992

Anton falls in love with a woman who lives opposite the construction site where he works. The crane operator agrees to help him to place presents on her balcony without being recognized. But his boss doesn't find it funny at all...
8 min
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Réalisation :

Veit Helmer

Scénario :

Veit Helmer

Musique :

Justice Hahn

Photographie :

Janusz Reichenbach

Montage :

Oliver Gieth

Production :

Veit Helmer

Interprète :

Anthony Paul (Anton)

Anne-Marie Bubke (The Woman)

Wolfgang Bauer (Crane Operator)

Langue originale :


Autres titres :

Veit Helmer: Fantastische Kurzfilme (12)

Format :

1,85:1 HD, Couleurs

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