Am Ende der Straße

Drama, Germany 2014

Theo (Peter Trabner) is 42 years old, divorced and has been working as a taxi driver for the last year. His shift starts every with Theo taking his son Julian to bed - over the phone, as Julian lives with his mother in Munich. Then it starts: the everyday routine of short trips, small talk and waiting. 13,30€ - 17,20€ - 20€ - That's right - Thank you. One night becomes like the other and Theo continues to follow his dreams. But sometimes - rarely - is something different, his passengers leaving more in his cab than the fare and a forgotten handbag. Then it's back: this magic that Theo has not felt for so long. And suddenly he drives on new roads. The portrait of a stranded man, with his sometimes bizarre, tragic or funny passengers in a not-so-ordinary night shift.
53 min
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Réalisation :

Nils Strüven

Musique :

Gonzalo Vargas

Photographie :

Maik Astheimer

Montage :

Elena Weihe

Interprète :

Peter Trabner (Theo)

Michel Diercks (Eric)

Jördis Richter (Caro)

Nina Diedrich (Hannah)

Eva Hein (Sofie)

Titre original :

Am Ende der Straße

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16:9 HD, Couleurs

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