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Benjamin Blümchen

Aventure/Animation, Allemagne 2002

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Benjamin covers for zoo veterinarian Dr. Hilfreich and gets a lot to do. The new desert fox should get oral vaccine on sugar cubes. It protects against the 'African hiccup hop', an infectious disease in which one has to jump and hiccup. But Benjamin did not listen properly and feeds the sugar pieces to himself. The next morning, all the zoo inhabitants have caught the disease. Benjamin is desperate. What should he do? He watches as little Steffi Strauss is barked at by a dog. Out of sheer terror, the 'hiccup hop' disappears and Benjamin now knows how to help his friends.
27 min
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Réalisation :

Gerhard Hahn

Scénario :

Elfie Donnelly

Montage :

Julie Balle

Production :

Jutta Buschenhagen

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4:3 SD, Couleurs

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À partir de 0 ans

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