Heirate mir!

Comedy, Germany 2001

On a trip to Poland, shy cemetery worker Eugen is willing to pay to get to know a woman, but then he surprisingly meets pretty Polish girl Groschka. Eugen is blown away and decides to return to Lake Constance at home with Groschka. That suits Groschka, as she is on the run from the police. However, Eugen's jealous and spirited mother is waiting in Germany, with whom Groschka has to come to terms. But that's not the only problem, because little by little some of Eugen's fellow travelers are found dead….
102 min
Starting at 16
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Corina Dietz


Ulrich Noethen (Eugen Schafmeyer)

Verona Pooth (Goschka)

Ingrid van Bergen (Regine Schafmeyer)

Michael Schiller (Fritz)

Roswitha Schreiner (Traudl)

Jean-Francois Perrier (Kommissar)

Original title:

Heirate mir!

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Further titles:

Die Braut und ihr Totengräber

Heirate mir! - Einmal ist jede(r) dran!

Meine polnische Jungfrau


16:9 SD, Color

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Starting at 16

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