Josephine Baker: The Story of an Awakening

Biography, Estonia/Belgium 2018

Witness the extraordinary journey of Josephine Baker, a poor girl from Missouri who defied the odds to become the Queen of Paris. From her dazzling rise to stardom to her courageous involvement in the French Resistance, Josephine's life takes a remarkable turn as she creates her dream family, The Rainbow Tribe, by adopting twelve children from around the globe. In this captivating documentary, delve into the rare and unprecedented archives that unravel the enigma behind Josephine's fifty-year-long career, filled with sensational headlines. Despite her worldwide fame, Josephine faces the harsh reality of everyday racism during her trips back to the United States. Each tragic experience fuels her transformative decisions and propels her into the battle for Civil Rights. Witness her historic moment as the only woman to share the stage with Martin Luther King during the renowned March on Washington in 1963. From there, Josephine uses her fame to champion her political utopia until her final days. Follow the awe-inspiring journey of a superstar's awakening, from banana dancer to a tireless humanist fighter. Can fame truly change the world?
53 min
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Ilana Navaro


Ilana Navaro

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Jean-Luc Fichefet


Josephine Baker

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Joséphine Baker, première icône noire

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Starting at 6

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