The Red Room

Romance/Drama, Germany 2010

Fred, a kiss researcher at the Institute of Biochemistry in Berlin, investigates what goes on in the human organism during kissing. Fred himself is single and has neither a wife nor a girlfriend to kiss. His wife has just divorced him. One day, in the window of an antique shop, he is magically attracted by a tray that shimmers in many colours. After buying the tray, he suddenly meets Luzie, a young writer who lives in the country with her friend Sibil. Luzie is doing everything she can to write a bestseller. The subject is the soul of the man, but things turn out differently. Fred falls in love with Luzie and Sibil and they both love him. Soon a strange love triangle develops between the three. Will they succeed in reinventing love, as Sibil puts it?
98 min
Starting at 12
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Rudolf Thome


Rudolf Thome


Rudolf Thome


Katharina Lorenz (Luzie)

Seyneb Saleh (Sibil)

Peter Knaack (Fred)

Max Wagner (Peter)

Isabell Hindersin (Venus)

Hanns Zischler (Prof. Mühsam)

Arnd Klawitter (Alexander)

Original title:

Das rote Zimmer

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16:9 SD, Color


FBW "especially valuable"

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Starting at 12

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