Animation, Germany 2017

An outcast tomcat and an esoteric Indian chief are on the verge of turning their world upside down back to its original state. A simulated defective short film about kindness, tolerance and coexistence. At first glance, the cat looks miserable. Its fur is ruffled, its whiskers torn out, its figure rickety. And so she is the perfect victim. For all those people who want to take their anger out on something. Or who simply feel the need to torture. That seems to be the fate of the poor cat. But somewhere in this world there is grace, redemption and mercy. Even if it's only in the hereafter.
Audio language:
no dialogue

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Nikita Diakur


Nikita Diakur

Original language:

no dialogue

Further titles:

Alles bewegt sich (9)


16:9 HD, Color

Age recommendation of the KJF:

Starting at 8 years


FBW "especially valuable"

Age rating:

Starting at 6

Audio language:

no dialogue