Test Run to Paradise

Comedy, Germany/Switzerland 1993

Catholic pilgrims on a bus tour to Lourdes - a German satire. For young pastor Strobel (Axel Milberg), a bus trip from Lake Constance to Lourdes is a bitter one. As a companion of a group of Catholic pilgrims, he does not only have to deal with a recalcitrant bus driver (Mathias Gnädinger) and an all too serious nun (Christiane Hörbiger). He notices with horror that his lover Theresa (Barbara Auer) has smuggled in, and is cornering him to force him to finally reveal their relationship. After all, she is expecting a child from him. While the bus trip turns into a gruelling odyssey, Strobel tries to keep his double life hidden.
84 min
Starting at 12
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Jürgen Knieper


Corina Dietz


Barbara Auer (Theresa)

Mathias Gnädinger (Freddie)

Axel Milberg (Pastor Strobel)

Christiane Hörbiger (Sister Ursula)

Klaus Händl (Pirmin)

Richard Gandor (Johannes Sellheim)

Original title:

Probefahrt ins Paradies

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16:9 SD, Color

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Starting at 12

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