Hurdy Gurdy

Animation, Germany 2011

As a barrel organ starts playing its song over and over again, everything in this short film is constantly in motion. The title literally sets the tone in this colourful collage of fast-paced settings of people and places. Music and pictures are perfectly coordinated. The highlight of this kaleidoscope is the mixture of real scenes and recordings of toy worlds with toy people, which merge seamlessly into one another. Everything is in perspective - ferries and cars, people and trams, bicycles and buildings. All of this results in a colourful swarm and makes reality and game world appear like mechanical clockwork on the mechanical sound of a mini hurdy-gurdy. However, this chain of everyday images, recorded in fast motion, is exhausted fairly quickly and loses its fascination after its initial charm, with the last note of the little Hurdy Gurdy melody.

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Ben R. Hansen


Fred Schuler

Original language:

no dialogue

Further titles:

Alles bewegt sich! (4)


16:9 HD, Color

Age recommendation of the KJF:

Starting at 6 years


FBW "especially valuable"

Age rating:

Starting at 0

Audio language:

no dialogue