Hair (Poils)

Animation/Everyday life, Belgium 2013

Director Delphine Hermans takes a playful and mischievous look at the subject of hair, exploring its connection to sexuality, seduction, and disappointment. The film follows a local hair collector who patiently waits on a park bench for the next prize to fall into his hands. As he adds each strand of hair to his collection, he uncovers a variety of stories about erotic games and desire. Hermans presents our hair with humor and whimsy in her unique graphic style, offering a funny and provocative exploration of this often-overlooked aspect of our bodies.
9 min
Starting at 18
Audio language:
no dialogue

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Mathieu Labaye


Jean-Luc Slock


Delphine Hermans (Animation)

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no dialogue


16:9 HD, Color

Age rating:

Starting at 18

Audio language:

no dialogue