The Noise in My Head

Drama, Germany/Switzerland 2008

In her early thirties, Laura has returned to Geneva after studying abroad. Struggling with the recent breakup with her boyfriend and adjusting to a new job, she finds herself facing several challenges in her personal and professional life. However, her world takes an unexpected turn when she meets Simon, a young man who sells newspapers to make ends meet. After inviting him to a bar, Laura offers him a shower in her apartment and eventually invites him to stay in her guest room. However, their newfound companionship is tested when a stranger recognizes Simon on the street and confronts him.
91 min
Starting at 12
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Swiss Film Awards 2009 Best actress

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Vincent Pluss

Sound Design:

Vincent Kappeler


Céline Bolomey (Laura)

Gabriel Bonnefoy (Simon)

Frédéric Landenberg (Jérôme)

François Nadin (Bruno)

Lucie Zelger (Julie)

Alexandra Tiedemann (Human Resources Manager)

Pierre Mifsud (Wagner)

Original title:

Du bruit dans la tête

Original language:



1.85:1 SD, Color

Age rating:

Starting at 12

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