Watt the Fish

Environment/Nature, France 2019

In the midst of Brexit, this film unveils the compelling saga of traditional fishermen from both sides of the Channel, and beyond, as they forge an unprecedented united front. Against the backdrop of a relentless battle for survival against industrial juggernauts, we journey from the intimate realms of local European fisheries to the hallowed halls of the EU Parliament. Over two gripping years, this immersive cinematic experience introduces us to unsung heroes who defy powerful corporations, navigate the labyrinthine world of politics, and stand alongside impassioned activists, all united by a common goal: rewriting the rules of EU regulations. Prepare for riveting debates, high-stakes discussions, captivating demonstrations, media blitzes, and fervent scientific controversies in this empowering masterpiece.
53 min
Starting at 12
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Nicolas Mollet

Sound Design:

Benoît Déchaut


Chris Mack

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Watt the Fish

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16:9 HD, Color

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Starting at 12

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