Book adaptation/Romance, Germany 1975

In Rudolf Thome's 1975 film "Tagebuch" (Diary), Thome himself is the writer, director, and skilfully plays one of the main roles in the film. Eduard (Rudolf Thome) is married to Charlotte (Angelika Kettelhack), both are in their early thirties, and they have no children. He works to earn money to be able to afford his photography. His dream is to publish a coffee table book about Berlin - pictures of houses "and also text", describes the grumpy photographer. Charlotte works in a political bookshop, and occasionally writes articles. Indifference seems to be the greatest common denominator in their relationship. He wants a divorce, she thinks it's stupid as long as there is no better partner in sight. Even the conversation about a possible divorce between the two protagonists is characterised by sobriety. In Kreuzberg, Eduard is able to rent a factory floor for his work at a reasonable price. His friend Otto (Holger Henze), who has travelled from Munich to stay with them, helps him move. Charlotte also gets support and invites Ottilie (Cynthia Beatt), with whom she travelled halfway around the world years ago. New bonds are formed through their encounters. Otto eventually travels to Portugal with Charlotte, and Eduard and Ottilie also grow fond of each other and come together.
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Rudolf Thome


Rudolf Thome


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Novel)


Angelika Kettelhack (Charlotte)

Cynthia Beatt (Ottilie)

Rudolf Thome (Eduard)

Holger Henze (Otto)

Eberhard Maier (Building Worker)

Michael Geissler (Porsche Seller)

Carmen Geissler (Porsche Seller)

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