Bright Night

Mystery/Drama, Germany 2015

The friendly couples Anna and Stefan and Bernd and Marc arrange to spend a nostalgic weekend together in the village where they all grew up. However, the place resembles a ghost town. The rampant coal mining has noticeably decimated the greenery in the region and driven away most of the inhabitants. But this does not prevent the four friends from reminiscing and enjoying the convivial times. But for Anna in particular, by no means all thoughts of the past are associated with positive feelings. More and more, she is haunted by an old guilt that not only gives her dark nightmares, but also endangers the relationships among the friends and threatens to throw Anna's orderly life off track.
84 min
Starting at 12
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Felix Raffel


Anna Grisebach (Anna)

Vladimir Burlakov (Stefan)

Benno Fürmann (Bernd)

Kai Ivo Baulitz (Marc)

Gudrun Ritter (Mrs. Steiner)

Michael Gwisdek (Old Man)

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Further titles:

Notte splendente


16:9 HD, Color

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Starting at 12

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