Hannelore Elsner

Demanding, questioning, loving: The actress was more than a diva

For many, she is considered the great diva of German film. But this is not enough to describe the actress. Hanniore Elsner was demanding, questioning and loving, the director Dani Levy recalled after her on April 21, 2019 in ZEIT. “In the beginning there were her eyes. Full of zest for life and almost burning curiosity. They captured me and held me from the moment I got closer to Hannelore for the first time...." Hannelore Elsner was born on July 26, 1942, and at 17 she made her first film (" Freddy under strange stars ", 1959). She became famous with Will Tremper's" The Endless Night." She played in more than 220 films, including many roles with Rudolf Thome. Unforgettable also: Her appearance in "Cherry Blossoms" by Doris Dörrie.