Babelsberg FILMUNIverse: films 2020

In seven short films, film students talk about their view of things and the world

For more than six and a half decades, KONRAD WOLF students have been learning filmmaking at the Babelsberg Film University - among others as cameramen, directors and actors. At Germany's oldest and largest film school, film greats such as Thomas Brasch, Andreas Dresen, Bjarne Mädel, Aelrun Goette or Winfried Junge studied film. Anyone who passes the entrance examination here learns to tell the world on film. The "Babelsberg FILMUNIversium" is a joint initiative of the Babelsberg Film University KONRAD WOLF and rbb. Students provide a documentary insight into the world of thoughts and feelings of a new generation of filmmakers. In 7 short films they tell of their view of things and the world.